For development of project data both centrally and in collaboration.

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KELPY Structures

KELPY Structures is not a software module but the structural basis. It means that all data are classified by indices and groups. Components are provided with their own individual ID so they are uniquely identifiable within each project. KELPY Structures standardises the BIM planning process.

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KELPY Base is the backbone of the software. It consists of a basic interface and project cockpit. In the background there is the main database in which all the information is held. This holds the data on all components, costs, energy flows, performances etc. 

KELPY Base is also the software necessary to accompany the work during SIA phases 2–5. All collection of data within the model pass through the base. All reports such as electrical data, building automation lists, one-click submissions and so on are generated from the base.

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KELPY Stage is an Internet platform on which the submissions are publicised. In public tendering processes or selective tending processes, contractors are invited to submit their proposals as their respective tenders. The prices quoted are accessible directly in the main database.

The entire process is conducted according to the GATT/WTO guidelines. Reports such as acceptance certificates, offers,award applications and contracts are generated automatically.

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KELPY Facts allow distribution codes to be compiled graphically and created with just a few clicks. Costs are assigned from the accounts according to their cause, expressed as transparent units of use and rents, based on the consumption values, distribution arguments and suppliers.

The distributed costs together with the usage data are structured in the main database and are saved as reference variables. These data are available to other tools and applications for use as operating data.

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In KELPY Scout the extrapolations and estimates for the earlier phases are produced without much effort and with little input, using algorithms and benchmarks on the basis of more than 5000 engineering and facility management projects.

This is achieved by use of public data (EGID and GIS amongst other) and by evaluation of data collected internally.

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KELPY Experience

KELPY Experience allows you to view and experience data-based spaces visually. 

Virtual reality assists the decision-maker to take architectural decisions.

Nowadays augmented reality is an important tool for inspecting and checking installations on construction work.