KELPY helps you plan your construction project intelligently and promotes collaboration in running it. Also, the software ensures most profitable operation throughout the entire life cycle.
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Practical orientation guaranteed: KELPY has been developed on the basis of more than 5000 engineering and facility management projects.

Success can be planned – even in construction projects. Thanks to KELPY.

The KELPY software lets you retrieve data centrally to form the project data for a single property or for entire portfolios, and lets you process that data collaboratively. Throughout the entire process there is a “single source of truth”, i.e. a single source of data used by everyone involved. Subsequent projects can access data from previous projects or also from reference projects. This avoids errors and saves time and money. The transfer of knowledge and the availability of current data is assured at all times while information is only captured once. Evaluating data manually is replaced by a new generation of automated reports.


The new KELPY software makes big data usable in an interactive sense:

Site managers
and investors

Planners and
strategic planners

Construction companies and general companies

Facility managers
and operators


KELPY – the crystal ball for your construction project

As early as the pre-project stage, highly meaningful presentations including flexible depiction of decarbonisation and site development.

Measures for energy saving and operational optimisation can be explored at an early stage as virtual images.

Standardisation of portfolio evaluations.

Data monitoring, data hosting and digitisation all from a single source.

Flexible and transparent planning of the milestones throughout the engineering, all skilled trades and building processes.

Simple and long-term operation of technical buildings and properties.


This is how KELPY works

The basis is the structured capture of data, from concept through planning into implementation and renewal.

Systematic management of knowledge ensures that dependencies – once established – are applied throughout all further stages of the project.

The process used means that only minimal information is required in order to determine what benefits each investment can offer.

This makes your investment process more efficient. Not as measured by rigid pre-defined criteria, but on the basis of the actual requirements.


For central and collaborative development of project data

KELPY Structures: KELPY-IDs, documents and templates, model structures and consistent working.

KELPY Base: Project processing in SIA phases 31–53, database using planning and construction data generated throughout all planning phases.

KELPY Stage: Tendering platform, consistency of digitalisation and model concepts.

KELPY Facts: Assignment of operating costs and overhead costs, database with operating data.

KELPY Scout: Benchmarks for operational optimisation and development, decarbonisation and project quality management.

KELPY Experience: Visualisation of the “digital twin” based on BIM. Current visualisation techniques such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are used.

Do you want to grow? KELPY will grow with you.

Scalable from a single building to development of an entire portfolio right through to an entire district of a city.

Evaluation of the property portfolio
Evaluation of the property portfolio
Energy concepts and CO<sub>2</sub> reduction path
Energy concepts and CO2 reduction path
Data basis: more than 25&nbsp;years of engineering and facilities management
Data basis: more than 25 years of engineering and facilities management
FM, operations and payments
FM, operations and payments
Additive project development based on a 3D-model
Additive project development based on a 3D-model
All components attributed according to BuildingSmart or the customer’s wishes
All components attributed according to BuildingSmart or the customer’s wishes
Intelligent planning structures
Intelligent planning structures
[Translate to English:] Portrait Michael C. Wili
Michael C. Wili

“The use of KELPY leads to standardisation and improved standards of quality in the building technology sector and makes an important contribution to decarbonisation. In this way KELPY is an effective instrument for digital transformation.”

[Translate to English:] Portrait Xander Seiler
Xander Seiler

“KELPY allows us to increase our productivity, speed up our processes and raise our quality standards. The use of ‘Big Data’ means our results are closer to the plan as with ‘manual’ processes. For RMB, KELPY has proven to be a big step into the future. This creates direct added value for our customers. Planning for urgent decarbonisation is enormously simplified, with quicker information about the situation. The targets are reached precisely and the environment is protected.”

[Translate to English:] Schottische Landschaft
KELPY – a myth that provides the name of our mission.

“A KELPY is an aquatic creature from Scottish folklore that is often described as looking horse-like. The creature lives in deep water and drags unwary travellers down into the depths. If however one can catch a KELPY and bridle it, it is at your service with its entire strength.”

The analogy relates to the immense masses of data which arise when planning and constructing together with the management of property. If you get lost in the detail you can drown in a sea of data – if however you can manage the flood of data you can use it to good purpose.

Would you like to use KELPY to become more efficient?

Implementing a project as a site manager:
Together with the RMB Group we can tackle your project.

As a planning office or property manager:
The beta version of KELPY is currently in use at the RMB Group. Licences will be available to third parties after the beta phase.


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